"Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix)" by Natalie Walker

I’m a little obsessed with this song. Further contributing to this obsession is the fact that this song is featured in the Marie Antoinette movie and trailer. See below:

It’s SUCH a beautiful song… and an even more beautiful movie! I saw it last night and loved it. True, there isn’t much dialogue or crazy amounts of action, but to me that only enhanced the movie. It seemed like a picture of her life, not an over the top Hollywood production. Granted, the costumes and desserts and whatnot were quite indulgent, but throughout the movie, there was an underlying theme of loneliness. You could see just how hard it would be to have been thrust into that position.

Aside from the movie, I’m really liking Natalie. I posted another song of hers in here a while back (“No One Else”). And it’s unusual for me to like girl singers. Weird, I know. She’s playing a show at the Roxy on November 15th with Bitter:Sweet (who had a song on Grey’s a couple weeks ago) so I think I’ll be trying to attend.

Natalie Walker - Quicksand - EP - Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix)


~ by musicramen on October 24, 2006.

One Response to “"Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix)" by Natalie Walker”

  1. Very pretty song and lyrics – I can see why you like her!

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